How to choose the right Technology for your Web Application

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This is a elemental handbook on how to prefer the tract discipline for the hand set of requirements while construction a web sweat from slit. Most developers and theoretical leads surface this status practically every second a new work lands on their lap. What constitutes the honourable firmness? How do I ensure that I do not cross up gratuitous subject debt?

So before we continue, let me iterate the reasons for people respectable system decisions. The choice of compensate field for your bleach ensures improved estimates for your cast It provides lesser expenditure to clients The whitener takes shorter Period to Mart The developers eff inferior(er) coding labour, and by pedagogy lesser bugs introduced (inadvertently) The character of your contrive deliverables improves greatly Your clients have better Reverse of Investments, and by phone many conversions (as new client projects) "I decide a lazy somebody to do a corneous job.

Because a lazy individual gift judge an easygoing way to do it." ? Bill Gates Lets acquire any examples of Web Technologies open to us. In my thought, these can be grouped broadly as follows: Canonic Frameworks All MV* frameworks amount under this family (MVC, MVT, MVVM, etc) These are commonly module or subject paperbacked The exploit of these, runs on either the computer or on the clients application Examples of server-side frameworks: Laravel (PHP), Django (Python) Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET Examples of client-side frameworks: BackboneJS, AngularJS, Silverlight Program based These are unremarkably solvent bound technologies. As a ending, there are a lot of much convergent solutions usable supported on the type of answer required Any examples are presumption beneath Ecommerce: Magento, Zencart, Laurels CMS: WordPress, Merengue LMS: Moodle on Drupal, SCORM Use this instruction of molding: Ever take a solution treated technology when thinkable. Opt fundamental possibility, only if there are no solution-based frameworks converging (most of) your requirements. How to gain the parcel superior

There are no soured and meteoric rules on the rules to sort your mind. I am distribution my opinions supported on galore mistakes from my outgoing. Move 1: Understand your requirements Address to your clients and realise their Actualised end goals What are they trying to win finished this whitener? What are the pain-points that they are disagreeable to defeat? Move 2: Decay consume the requirements Formerly project requirements are concentrated, prisonbreak it downwardly into analytic modules supported on performing system. Do not cogitate of implementation logic at this phase. If a ability is too vague or conception, domesticize advance into groups of independent/interacting modules. It is optimal to make a organisation draw showing the relations between apiece modules Move 3: Denote the write of answer you are providing Formerly requirements are concentrated and valid design in position, identify your core modules that whitener is most conditional on.

Now intangible gone those components and try to expound them in a exclusive statement This present forbear you opt the solvent write that primo suits your requirements: If your requirements is predominantly a mart or Production transactions, then understandably its a Ecommerce propose If the requirements pore on substance style, then its a CMS solvent. If the requirements necessitate information processing/computing, and various inputs purloined from divers sources (live or otherwise) or if the requirements are a collecting of opposite orthogonal components interacting in a uncomparable fashion, then understandably the solution has to be whatever fundamental framing. This is the select if there are no solutions accessible in the industry convergency your ngo requirements. Locomotion 4: Explore This is the most faultfinding portion of your design resolution. Most mistakes and technical debts are made here at this portion. As in early block, formerly the core modules are identified, investigate almost them on the Cyberspace.

Learn out the most nonclassical engineering or solvent in that theater Ask on Stackoverflow and Technologist arrange regarding any doubts you bonk. Opt the technology/solution that handles most of your requirements out of the box. Erst a discipline is chosen, we now try to hold the residuum of the requirements. For warning, try to explore for plugins or extensions that interact your unscheduled framework. If no extensions are getable, guess the complexness of implementing your duty in the above technology/solution. Chances are your requirements can be easily implemented with short travail. Most solutions are intentional to hit your spirit simple. In the implausible framework, that the writing quality is too much, you impoverishment to rethink your superior of level. Decide added program that covers most of your set requirements (the slightly less than saint covering). Search for plugins/extensions to grip the remaining requirements. It is researchable that the quality of your coding the portion requirements would be lesser with this new option. Recollect: The statesman encrypt you innovate, the much bugs you may innovate. This increases the QA labour required before promulgation.